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One of the most serious difficulties at health standard of the beneficiary population is the poor condition of their dental health. People of all ages are suffering this situation, this is why in the year, 2010 with the support of the National Ministry of Health, it was launched the program of dental care in the head office of the Foundation.

Jiujim Lebanim is the only program of dental care in the Argentine Jewish Community. It has a social assistance area, which through two clinics with the latest equipment provides care to all children and teenagers from age of 3 and adult beneficiaries of this Foundation. Moreover there are prevention activities and health education in schools, children’s homes, and social and sporting institutions.

Dental care is carried out by both professionals who volunteer and by degree and postgraduate students of the dentistry major at the University of Buenos Aires and Maimonides University, with whom it has been signed mutual cooperation agreements.

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We have worked with some of these institutions::

  • Colegio Wolfsohn
  • Escuela de Hilel
  • Escuela Bereshit
  • Ilan School
  • Jardín Simjat Ieladim
  • Jai School
  • Oholey Jinuj

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