Older adults

Coexistence Program for older adults

Since the year 2006 Javaia offers a space of prevention and psychosocial care for older adults in our community to respond to social isolation, segregation and the state of vulnerability that affects so many older adults.

The overall objective of the program is to contribute to their well-being through various work devices in order to benefit not only the encounter with peers and community integration, but also to accompany and meet the necessities of the each older adults and their families net in the ageing process.

For hundreds of older adults in our community, Javaiá represents a reference space and belonging, where they can develop their social life, find a space that organizes their daily lives and to which address in relation to various issues.


Devices and areas

Group activities spaces

All days of the week, multidisciplinary workshops, art-recreational workshops, cognitive, physical and spiritual stimulation workshops by specialized teachers are held. In each of the spaces we work with well defined objectives according to each specific activity, to favor integration and enjoyment.


Our workshops

  • Writing Workshop
  • Memory stimulation Workshop
  • Computing Workshop (under an agreement with the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires)
  • Reflection Workshop
  • Art Workshop
  • Yoga
  • Rikudim
  • Film discussion
  • Choir
  • Shiurim
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Debates about general interest topics
  • Cultural Events (Javaia Cultural)
  • Individual space monitoring

Those who integrate the Javaia team maintain permanent individual contact with each one of the participants. This space aims to know how each adult is at all times, in order to carry out strategies for prevention and/or care.


Home Care Team

It is a device by professional psychologists dedicated to taking care of older adults in situations of high vulnerability and/or risk. It aims to work with the older adult in order to diminish the psycho-social risk situation in which they are, either through coordination with other people in their environment or through building a support network.

Some of the specific objectives are:
  • Counseling and support in managing social benefits of public and/or private Organisms
  • Inclusion in recreational programs, preventative and/or health promotion
  • Building social networks through contacts with other Organisms
  • Specific approach according to individual issues
  • Javaiá’ Projects
  • Volunteers Team

The team of volunteers aims to integrate the work strategies when the situation of an older adult requires it. Essentially, this is meant for the volunteer to participate in specific actions, supervised by a professional team.

We understand the voluntary work as a privileged area of work, which serves the dual purpose of becoming change agents by the contribution of their working abilities while directing this action to those who need it.


Some of the tasks of the voluntary work

  • Home visits to older adults in social isolation situations
  • Assistance in the management of administrative procedures
  • Doctor visits


It was Javaia 2013


Contact us

  • Beit Jabad Villa del Parque: Helguera 2369 (CABA) I 4504-1908 Int. 214 y 215
  • Beit Jabad Abasto: Humahuaca 3631 (CABA) I 4866-3497
  • Headquarters La Fundación de Acción Social Jabad: Tucumán 3238 (CABA) I Tel: 4002-0170
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