In numbers

Currently, we directly help more than 2,000 people.


  • 2518 children of La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad and the Social Community Network have the opportunity to access to checks and treatments of dental health in the Dental Clinic of La Fundación de Jabad.[/highlight]
  • 1.700 people are receiving food aid monthly.
  • 900 people, with our help, could reintegrate into the labor market every year.
  • 500 people continually receive the chronic medication that they need.
  • 170 older adults participate in recreational activities every week.
  • 80 people with mental illnesses participate in our therapeutic space, the only one in Jewish community in Argentina.
  • 70 people receive subsidies for housing costs.
  • 30 volunteers.
  • 6 welfare centers.
  • 1 Viejo Almacén Solidario.
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