Give Culture

It is an innovative approach that combines cultural excellence with solidarity purposes. Through offering different types of events and activities of high cultural level, we succeed in helping the poor people.

Give Culture was born in the year 2012 featuring Itzhak Perlman (see video below) who gave a concert at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and the Teatro Coliseo.

Inspired by his amazing overcoming story and captivated by the quality of each one of his pieces that made him the world’s most prestigious violinist La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad decided to make the dream true, inviting him to Argentina after 17 years to offer this high level event since, in cultural terms, this show represented a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and development for each person.

Thanks to the funds raised it was possible to assist 2,000 beneficiaries from La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad and instruments for youth orchestras of Buenos Aires were bought.

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Nelson Freire (one of the universally recognized pianists) performed at the Colón Theartre on decembre 2016.We want to share this momento with you.


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