We are what we do

Since 1989 La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad provides social assistance to the most vulnerable people in the community. Since its creation, it has assisted more than 15,000 people through its programs and services.

Its objective is to provide comprehensive and personalized assistance to the members of the Jewish Community who are in a vulnerable and defenseless situation. Through the different programs and services different difficulties are taken care of, diminishing the effects of social exclusion through concrete actions that improve the everyday lives of our target population.

Since 2002, after the socio-economic crisis that affected much of Argentina’s population, La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad integrates the Jewish Community Assistance Network, coordinating work with other organizations to respond to the complex and dynamic social demands.

All programs and strategies that are undertaken are aimed at strengthening and developing personal resources of the target population.

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