Mental health

Therapeutic Residence Comprehensive Program for mental health

It is a comprehensive program for mental health that since 2006 has offered a space for counseling, care and health promotion for adults with various mental illnesses. The inclusion in the spaces can be achieved through different participation modalities. It focuses not only on group organizations: art workshops, labor, assemblies, etc., but also in the individual clinical follow-up and support to each participant and its relevant affective group.

The compass that guides all work within Maón Tipulí is the ethics, the accompaniment for the creation of new social bonds that allow to those who participate in each of the areas, to find something unique, with its own mark that facilitates in this way to stop the suffering and psychic overflow.

Program Areas


It consists of a series of interviews with the aim of identifying the interests and necessities of the person who requires a consultation and then to guide and refer, not only inside but also outside of the device.

Individual and Family Clinical Monitoring

Frequent interviews are conducted with all participants, either for those who are included in the groups and for those keeping an individual contact with the program. The direction of treatment is agreed jointly.

Workshops and group spaces

The following art workshops are currently being offered: Musical composition, percussion and guitar seminar; Writing and Reading; plastic and visual arts, theater and movement. Each group has double coordination: psychological and artistic or technical. The inclusion in the different spaces is agreed, after admission, between the participant and the coordination team.

We conducted the opening of a space dedicated to the reading of the new National Act of Mental Health (Act N°26.657). In addition, we hold a monthly Coexistence Assembly which offers participants and coordinators a democratic space for making decisions about coexistence and working together.

We have a space or living room called “Moadón”. Another group spaces are “Shiurim”. During the summer we offer Special Thematic Workshops and Seminars. Moreover, we take trips to different social and cultural spaces in the city. In December, the Annual Show takes place, where all the productions are shared.

Therapeutic Accompaniment

This resource is used for crisis intervention, hospital discharge processes, or working on a specific therapeutically indicated aspect. The team of therapeutic companions is trained and supervised by the program. It is worked with the network of different relevant figures involved.

Inter Institutional networking

It is encouraged the development, growth and articulation with organizations from different sectors: State, private and social organizations with the decision to effectively hold a participation modality in the social sphere. With each person that enters the program, detailed work it is carried out, contacting the different social and health professionals that are connected with the treatment.

Youth (over 18 years)

This area offers a therapeutic inclusion space: social, artistic and work for young people, each one has the possibility to construct along with the therapeutic team a device according to their own necessities. The insertion options in the device can be in individual and/or group spaces.


This area is designed to support those who wish to reorganize the distribution of their activities and their time in relation to work or occupational area. It is offered to perform an individually and/or in group tour throughout the interests and the work life history of each one of the participants. The group consists of three spaces: The occupational support workshop, the Collective Entrepreneurship and Volunteers workshops which produce items for sale. It also has the option of interviews with the purpose of guiding and accompanying people during the transformation of their labor-occupational reality.

“DonAcción” Proposal

It invites all those who have a work place (store, business, institution, cooperative, etc.) in which they wish to recruit people for new work positions, they can do so through the addition of a participant of Maón Tipulí, who will be accompanied in the process of inclusion and in the maintenance of work from the Labor Department.

Legal Orientation

A space designed to give management advice space in legal/ administrative proceedings with the aim to protect and defend the rights of each of the participants. It works with individual spaces and group workshops in which different field-related topics are addressed, such as national and international legislation in the area of mental health. It also works with volunteers for advice, guidance and support on all issues related to this area.

Training, Teaching and Research

From Maón Tipulí it is offered advice and training spaces, in internal and external space, for various institutions: based on emerging problems, a device according to the complaint is suggested. Cooperation agreements with educational and health agencies are signed, through which students and interns are received. Maón Tipulí has a library, a newspaper library and a video library.
Teaching and transmission space: Shortly, it is planned to open this space of training in arts and mental health for professionals or students involved with the field of health and/or art.


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