19 July 2018

¡Otra oportunidad que logramos transformar en solución solidaria!

Conseguimos frazadas, gorros, guantes, bufandas y medias para entregar a los niños que acompañan La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad y el Espacio de Primera […]
17 July 2018

Thank you!

Together, we achieved to get everything necessary to cover 210 dental treatments for people in a state of vulnerability
11 July 2018

The Crazy Bargain Sale is back!

Since Maon Tipuli, we are organizing the 7th Bargain Sale, which will take place on August 2nd. The Sale is a space for collective exchange and […]
10 July 2018

We keep adding graduates (and other news)!

10 July 2018

Dental Clinic

We continue with the Health Education talks in primary school and kindergarten: We share suggestions to improve our oral hygiene and food habits. We also give […]
10 July 2018

Work Program: a great start for this year!

25 September 2017

Rosh Hashaná: we made it!

500 families received a food basket and 100 people participated in the Community lunch.  
14 September 2017

Look at everything that happened in Maon Tipuli

14 September 2017

A very special Shabbat

  In Javaia Villa del Parque, we lived an unforgettable experience.   In the context of the space we dedicate to the inter-age exchange, the Simjat […]
13 September 2017

We congratulate the graduates!

12 September 2017

I need an employee now! I need a job now!

How many times have we heard: “I need an employee now!” or “I need a job now!”? In the labor program we hear it very often […]
4 September 2017

The 5th Latam Economic Forum was a solidary success: with the money raised, three social organizations were helped